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We manufacture advertising graphics using newest technology in digital printing Scotchprint, which takes advantage of Matched Component System MCS™. All elements included in creating digital graphics were harmonized by 3M company to reach maximum compatibility.
We print solely on brand-name printers VUTEK, which are counted among the top in digital printing. In combination with top quality inks from 3M we are able to offer very high print quality in radiant colors.

overview of digital graphics layers:

Elements of advertising graphics:

MATERIAL - INK - LAMINATION - PRINT TECHNOLOGY - PROFESSIONAL APPLICATION /by team specially trained from 3M for Scotchprint® graphics application/

It is always compatibility of all of these elements that defines quality of final graphics:

- high quality materials
- mechanical and color durability
- possibility of application on difficult materials
- high durability in extreme conditions
- long lifespan and easy removal

Efi White Ink Technology - Position of white color can be defined in three separate layers in single passing of the print head. Possibility of printing base white layer to enhance color saturation and cover of the color layer. Ideal for doublesided transparent stickers and backlights.

With us, you will shine

Most of today's printers use direct white printing, but it is only available for first or last layer. White Ing Technology we use makes it possible to print white color in any position and in single passing of the print head. This difference remarkably extends possibilities of the graphics especially by backlights and transparent motives. The result is that backlights look the same day and night. During the day only first two layers are visible, while when backlit the third layer gives the graphic desired saturation and look at night.

Comparison of standard and 3 layered
Efi White Ink Technology
1. layer - print of the entire image in CMYK
2. layer - print of white, including red and black for better saturation of CMYK + W
3. layer - 6 colors print in CMYK LmLC + white for better DAY/NIGHT effect