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spyron 3m.cz záruční program technologie výroby
Our products are covered by special warranty MCS - the only branded warranty programme in the world, which when using 3M materials and designated technology of print and application guarantees:
  • above avarage warranty on final graphics performance
  • cost effective solution = best price/performance
  • in case of warranty claim we reimburse up to double of 3M materials price as a compensation and change the defective graphics for free.

Color and mechanical durability guarantee:

Printed graphics - exterior without lamination 3 years, with lamination up to 7 years, interior up to 10 years
Plotter and special films - exterior up to 7 years, interior up to 10 years

Certifications and guarantees

Certifications - all 3M materials are certified for safety and non-flammability for groups B1 and B2
Easy removal - 3M materials guarantee easy removal without any glue residues up to 5 years after the end of their lifespan
Insurance - materials for floor graphics carry insurance against injury up to 70 millions CZK
Compliance - chosen types of films comply with directions from Ministry of transportation, which allows them to be used on vehicle windows

Risks of using "no name" graphics

By not complying with correct technology or by using cheap "no name" materials you risk:
- early loss of color and shape
- problems with removal of graphics after the end of campaign
- and you might even jeopardize good name of your company / trade mark